Are you prepared for a theft or burglary?








No one expects to be the victim of a burglary or a theft.  If this happens to you, do you have what you need to file a police report?

In the past four years, the Choctaw County Sheriffs Office has experienced numerous cases of theft or burglary and the victim was unable to provide vital information that could be used in the recovery of the property.

The following information is provided to help you formulate a plan.  A plan that will give the police exactly what is needed if such an event were to happen .

To perform this you will need the following items or it’s equivalent:  a digital camera, a computer, and several cd’s.

Plan to take two pictures of every item.  The first picture should be an overall shot of the item.  The second picture should be a close up of the items serial number.

Methodically photograph every item of value.  This should specifically include all guns, jewelry, four wheelers, electronic items, lawn mowers, and practically anything that you think is valuable.

Once you have photographed everything of value, download those photographs to cd’s.  Then store the cd’s in a safe location where you can retrieve them for law enforcement.  Providing this information in a timely manner sometimes helps in the recovery process, so we recommend that you store the cd’s in an area that you could access within 24 hours.

By using this quick and convenient plan you will be able to provide law enforcement with the necessary information to help identify your property in the event of a theft or burglary.

Scott Lolley
Choctaw County Sheriff