Who is in Jail?

AS OF 11/13/2019
INMATE              DEPUTY             CHARGE      BOOKED IN     JAIL     CITY/COUNTY    AGENCY
Adams, Justin          Dew              Poss. Cont. Sub         6/28/2019        Clarke            County          Choctaw SO
                                                           FTA x 3
                                                           Drug Para
                                                           Resisting Arrest
Bellamy, Russell    Coon               DUI                                11/8/2019   Clarke      County       Choctaw SO
                                                           FTA x2
                                                           Probation Violation
Busby, Benton     Graham, Dew   Para.                                8/5/2019      Clarke           County      Choctaw SO
                                 Pinkerton,       Escape 3rd
                                 Jackson,          Resisting arrest
                                 Etheridge        Poss. of controlled substance
                                                           FTA x 9
Busby, Jeremy      Dunn               Probation Violation        8/9/2018          Clarke         County        Choctaw SO
                                                           DV 1st
                                                           Kidnapping 2nd
                                                           DV Strangulation
Bush, Mark                 Dew              Drug Para.                     5/28/2019        Clarke         County        Choctaw SO
                                                            Controlled Substance
Carter, Ramon      Pinkerton        Probation Violation        11/07/2019        Clarke        County      Choctaw SO
 Collins, James     Turned himself in    Sexual abuse 1st        5/20/2019      Clarke         County      Choctaw SO
                                                                   Attempted Rape 1st
 Deloach, Shondray        Graham                FTA                       9/24/2019       Clarke       County       Choctaw SO
Eddie, Deshawn    Gary                      Controlled Substance    4/10/2019      Clarke        County       Choctaw SO
                                                                 Drug Para. Marijuana
Ellis, Andrew       Dew                       DV 3rd                                  10/21/2019    Clarke        County   Choctaw SO
                                                               Controlled Substance
                                                               Drug Para.
Hearn, Jonathon     Busby               Domestic Violence 2nd     10/02/2019   Clarke       County     Choctaw SO
                                                               Receiving stolen property 4th
Hurst, Adam           Dunn                FTA x4                             11/9/2019          Clarke       County       Choctaw SO
Jackson, John         Dunn                Domestic Violence 2nd   1/11/2019      Clarke          County    Choctaw SO
                                                               Prison Contraband
Kelly, Bobby               Dunn              FTA x4                                8/30/2019   Clarke          County    Choctaw SO
Lee, Anthony            Dunn               Controlled Substance       1/5/2019       Clarke        County     Choctaw SO
Lolley, Dustin           Dunn                Controlled Substance       9/18/2019   Clarke        County      Choctaw SO
                                                                Untaxed Liquor
                                                                 Drug Para.
Massengale, Nicholas  Busby          FTA x2                         11/11/10/2019   Clarke   County      Choctaw SO
                                                               Drug Para.
                                                               Escape 3rd
                                                               Resisting Arrest
Palmer, Jason       Rackley               Robbery 1st                       7/26/2019     Clarke        County       Choctaw SO
Presley, Jenna      Dew/Graham     FTA-Chemical Endang.    9/12/2019     Clarke        County      Choctaw SO
 Pruitt, Denise      Graham               Controlled Substance         10/13/2019    Clarke     County       Choctaw SO
                                                              Drug Para
                                                              Marij. 1st
Reynolds, Jarvis      Dew                 Murder                                 2/6/2019       Clarke        County    Choctaw SO
Roberts, Colby A.     Taylor             Probation Violation           1/23/2019      Clarke       County     Choctaw SO
Rodgers, Jonathan   Arnold         Probation Violation          10/22/2019      Clarke      County     Choctaw SO
Ruffin, Johnfanan   Fitch               Dist. of Cont. Substance    12/17/2018     Clarke      County     Choctaw SO
Sachs, Nicholas        Dew           TOP 1st                                    10/09/2019   Washington   County   Choctaw SO
                                                        Identity Theft 1st
                                                        Reckless Endangerment
Sumlin, Dominique    Turner           Robbery 1st                     2/9/2018        Clarke        County     Choctaw SO
Sumlin, Kilo    Pinkerton                 Rape                                    5/18/2016       Clarke       County      Choctaw SO
Turner, Alexis      Pinkerton       Probation Violation           10/11/2019       Clarke       County     Choctaw SO
Utsey, Matthew          Dunn           Assault 1st                            3/11/2019       Marengo      County   Choctaw SO
 Whitted, Deon             Graham       Assault 2nd                        9/28/2019      Clarke           County   Choctaw SO
Witherspoon, Willie   Pinkerton   Capital Murder                 5/18/2016        Clarke           County   Choctaw SO
Woodard, Rickey        Dunn           Capital Murder                  11/30/2016     Clarke           County    Choctaw SO